SLINKY parties - how good?



Hey everyone, if anyone's been to Slinky parties, can I hear some comments please? I really want to go - I have the Slinky compilation CDs and it sounds awesome to me - but I hear some people find it boring (why?). I'm into progressive trance, so would I enjoy it?
See you there July 3rd, 4th and 5th! CANT WAIT!!! :)
This is first year they have been at Privilege, they were at Es Paradis last year, never went, but apparently it was pretty empty.

Slinky aren't such established name in UK as say Godskitchen or Gatecrasher, I have been to Slinky@The Opera House and the crowd was very young and a lot of cybers.

I have reservations of how much of a success they will be at Privilege this year just cos of the size of the place, altho if you're wanting trance you haven't got many other choices on the island.
I used to go to Slinky every Friday at the Opera House in Bournemouth
and I loved it, the only reason I don't go any more is because I've moved
up North.

Slinky's atmosphere is always great and the music is 9 times out of 10
trance/hard trance the only time I don't like it there is when Fergie's
on, but only because he's a bit too hard for me.

Jon OO Fleming is going to be at Slinky Ibiza this year and he is such a
good trance DJ.

I'd love to go to Slinky in Ibiza, but the Friday that I'm there Sasha is on
at Pacha and there's no way I'm going to miss him!!!
I celebrated my 21st birthday at Slinky @ Es Paradis last year and had a fantastic night. There was a good crowd and a good atmosphere (in my opinion anyway). I loved the layout of Es Paradis, very cosy! I will say that I didn't think much of the music at the beginning but as the night went on it became much trancier and more uplifting!
Saw Anne Savage and Lange at Slinky last year. Had a good night but it wasn't the best night I had that week. Drifting Away raised the roof though. The cushions around the middle of the dance floor (collesium!) were comfy though when a well needed break was required.

Do wonder if they would have been better off staying somewhere the size of EsParadis rather than the biggest club in the world...It wasn't full when I was there last year in EsParadis.
I love trance, but the line ups for Slinky haven't really got me excited. I also think that Privilege will be a bit empty with these line ups and will lack atmosphere.