slinky ibiza 2003

They were at Es Paradis last year weren't they? Bit of a step up for them and a huge venue, lets hope they can fill it!
i thought they struggled to fill to es paradis last year,
were are extravaganza going to??...
I don't know how Slinky did in Es Paradis last year, but if they struggled to fill it then it seems a strange move to then go to the biggest club in the world?!
maybe extravaganza will do the big, ugly swimming pool room and sliky take over the bar area?
Robo said:
slinky@privilege on fridays!!!!

thats a surprise!!!

How did you find it out? and those rumours that xtravaganza won't probably be in Ibiza in 2003?

I checked out in Privilege's website but there's still the info about 2002.

there is a little box on the right hand side of the screen, you will need to scroll down to the bottom.

Unfourtunately it dosen't give us any dates at the mo.

That rumour about xtravaganza was just one that i heard from other boards...