Slinky dates and Line-up.

Sonique, Anne Savage and Garry White when I'm there....won't be bothering with that then. Might have made the effort for John 00, Johan Gielan or James Holden.

I've really really enjoyed the music at the Xtravaganza nights but that club NEEDS to be full or somewhat lacks in atmosphere and I doubt that Slinky will be packing them in with these line ups, it's easier for people to go and listen to the 'Dangerous' one in San An (not that I'll be doing that!!)
slinky is a no go for me as well i'm afraid.
There going to struggle this year, it could be embarrasing!!
I saw john 00 a couple of months ago @ shindig. Well good! Not my fave Dj but he's kinda like a volvo. Very reliable.
Talking about fleming and cars, did anyone see that programme on bbc 2 about a month back. It was John 00 fleming and a used car salesman buying his new motor. 100 grand he spent on the car.
I am so in the wrong job!!!!! :evil: :evil: