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Hi everyone...

I'm going to Ibiza for 3 nights and I like to be free and independent and don't fancy paying 40£ a night in a 6 bed dorm!

I have a beautiful hammock that I want to sleep in..

Will it be possible to sling it up and sleep without problems for a few nights?

I understand Ibiza wants to be/remain an exclusive destination but I'm not getting ripped off anywhere in the world!

Anyone have ideas where I could do this discreetly?

I imagine that Sa Caleta, Sant Jordi is the beach I would like to sunbathe on all day and I can walk or take the bus around the island.

Thanks in advance!



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Hmmm. Nice! Thanks. I'll listen to it in my hammock if my phone has any battery. I heard that maybe I can charge my phone with lemons? I'll look out for a lemon grove.