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Hey guys,

me and my girlfriend will be in Ibiza starting August 15th for a 1-2 weeks..unfortunately we are all by ourselves since none of our friends have the money to come with I figure we could make some new acquaintances..

So, are there any other couples in the same situation as us that would like to meet and go clubbing and stuff ? We are both Canadians and we can converse in English, French and Spanish! So hit me up if you wanna meet up and we'll make arrangements.

Oh, forgot to mention. I'm 20 and she's 18, we aren't married or anything :)

I'm arriving in Ibiza the night of August 16th, well early morning of the 17th actually...around 1am. I'm technically travelling alone, but I recently have met someone else that I am meeting and travelling to Ibiza with. I'm backpacking through Europe and ending my trip in Ibiza, and I'll be there for 10 days. I'm also from Canada, Ontario, and the guy I am meeting up with is from Ottawa. I'm 18 and he's 25 (I'm a girl BTW :) ) So, I'm sure we'd be up for hanging out! We're not another couple or anything but more Canadians is always better!!!
If you wanna chat some more or anything you're welcome to send me an email or add me to your MSN if you have it!! My addy is

I'M GOIN TO IBIZA!!!!!!!!!!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey how are you all doing,

I'm the 25 year old that is meeting up with canadianibizavirgin! :D
I'm in Ottawa, Ontario like she mentionned and I also speak French as well as you can see English. I know a tiny bit of Spanish, but I LOVE TO PARTY! The clubbing scene will be insane over there!!!

So ya, if you 2 montreal folk wanna meet up, we'll be at the Vara De Rey Hostel, in Ibiza Town as of the 17th. She might be finishing her trip 10 days later, but I'll be starting mine, 'cause I too will be back-packing Europe after. I leave Ibiza on the 27th to end up in Paris on September 11th.

Hope to hear from you and my e-mail and MSN is

hey, i will also be in Ibiza aug 15-25... There will be a bunch of us from the States w/ a villa but I am definitely looking to party with some cool people! Hit me up on AIM if you like, Liquid2uns..