Single Chick's Safety?



I'm hittin Ibiza by myself and while I have no problem taking care of myself, are there any areas it would be smart for me not to hang out (or stay) in?

Any advice helps!
Well i mean, i dont think it'll be exactly "dangerous" if u head to the west end by urself, just be weary, there R a lot of drunken beer boys there...and u never know what drunken beer boys r capable of ;) . Just use ur head sweetie, and just be careful who u talk to. Hope u have a kick ass but safe trip.

I agree. It's not dangerous if you are reasonably careful like you would be anywhere. In the west end though, the guys seem to think they can have anything so just play it safe and enjoy!
Aultima - When are you going?
You could meet up with some of the memebers here....

You WILL have the best time...Although I went with three of my mates last year, it felt like I was on my own, as they kept over-ndulging in wee fellas, and had to go home early EVERY night, in fact the last night they refused to go out so I did go out on my own and went to Cream...

Have NO worries, there are LOTS of nice friendly people out there, and just use your own judgement... :)

I'm sure I'll be fine, but it's definitely reassuring to get your messages! Thanks so so much!
I went alone in June & had no problems, but I"m a geezer & that"s much diferent but I"m sure you"ll be ok. There really is no need to go to the west end at all. Go to Bora Bora & get talking to the staff. They are all really nice & will probably look after you.
I"m going back for a week around the 7th Sept with a couple of freinds (1guy & 1gal) if you"re there then, let me know & we can hook up. :D
Hi Aultime,

Same goes for me and my bro. We're in Ibiza from 16th-23rd August, so if you want to meet up let me know....
Email is

We're pretty easy going and looking to hire a jeep for a few days, although would be back in Ibiza for clubbing at night, you're welcome to join us...
Uh oh...what's considered West?

I think I might be staying in the west but I can't tell from the map. Is San Antonio considered west? Where's Bora Bora? Stevie & Phat Kev - it looks like I'll miss both of you...I'll be there right inbetween you guys. Thanks for the help and the invite though :p