Simple Summary of last thursaday to Sunday


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Right, you'll have to bear with me here, as Ive just woke freom my post ibiza flight and all daye sleep sesh!

Thursday 0 Ministtry closing - Dare I say rather a dissappointment? IThey had the "Africanism" style djs there, and I cant be doing with that all night! Was still an above average night tho.
Friday space afterparty thing. Smuggled a bottle of Aftershock in a plastic bottle and started a huuuuugue 12 hour binge.

Collapsed at midnight thoroughly in a worse for wear state. Missed dt, but a little birdy told me he was playing space closing, so I got over it!

Saturday woke up fot which prioved to0 be the big one.
Had a mixed grill at Moreea by Jet, adn then went to Matinee at space closing. WOW this was absolutley rocking. Cdame out, went bora bora, then to El Divino closing which was v. poor.

Couldnt stay long in the half empty club know that Knuckles et Morales were just over the road., so went to def mix closing WOW superb. Morales was pon top form. Played a 12 min version of "super cheesy but got away with it" Bazza White - Firstst, last evrerything. The place erupted!

Then went to bed. Only joking! Quickj change at jet then on to one of the best days of my life - Space closing!

Milled arounfd for a few hours, checking everythiung out. The extra outside bit was huuuuge. Probably nearly doubled the capacity of the club.

Stu Hirst came on at 1ish, was pretty good. Continued milling around. The pace got really going b y about 3ish. Especially on the terrace.

Cut then to morillo,, and especially 12 midnight.

Now, I thought the terrace was gonna shut then, so I thought when he playted "I go Back" at 12, it was his last song. At this time, I was well on my last legs (Had been up danceing non stop for nearly 36 hours by now)

SO I thought Id have this last bit, and give it some real shape-throwing.

But it went on, and on and onn.... til nearely 2:30!!!!

He absolutely smashed it, bringing tunes out of nowhere (eg Silicoine soul, 7 nation army remix, Sweet dreams). Got the whole terrrace chanting "everybody, wants to be somebody.."

Then this all finished, I was a walkjing ghost, and the (I assume ) space owner came on and gave some little chat, and morillo did another 5 (cue the Space owner doing THE CHEESIEST "Dad at a wedding" dancing!), finishing with lenny Kravitz - are you gonna go my way. By this time half of me was pleading with him to stop as I couldnt do any more! But I knew I couldnt leave til he did!

Eventually this ended, and I think the whiole place walked off with a feeling that they just witnessed something truly magical (aaaaaaah!). I know I wont forget it for a while.

I walked off thedj mag arena, but I knew it couldnt come close to as good to waht Id just been in, and the whole place was full of people who were just tapping there feet to the "dancing in treacle" tech house/whatever that was on.

Tunes of the hols?

Little more love
Sweet Dreams
I go Back
For some odd reason I heard x-press 2 - Music x-press loads of times
DJ Flex - Amazing

All superb tunes

And, some tune which I heard at Bora Bora, obviously I couldnt get the title from Gee, but it was a simple meloidic house tune, with a classical violin played through it, out on Oxyd records? Can anyone help?

and some otherr song, which sounded similatr to dj flex - amazing, but had like a electric motorbike throttle in the build up to the bassline.

Soirry about the spelling, English is my first language!, but Im v tired and emotional!
Great review :D

The tune with the classical violin is Dr Kucho "Belmondo Rules 2.0" 8)
excellent, am gutted i want there to witness this.

Little more love - love this tune, who's it by please?

Hope you recover soon matey :D