silly question



whats bora bora??
i cant figure out if its a club/bar/beach when u all talk about it? :confused:
beach bar come club which is really cool, lots of party people smiling and dancing during the day and night.

great music.

across the road from space.

its a must do....
respect goes out to u mr mambo 8)

im still a lil newbie :cry:
thats true robo
saffys a guru already and she joined after me!
im gunna have to get busy posting away
don't worry after talking to me, not only will you be a reg, you will never wanna come on here again....

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Ha ha don´t be that shy Robo.

Be careful misslusy, he can be dangerous, especially now when he is having his exams! :p
hehe thanks for the advice anna
all the girls will gang up on him if he gets dangerous on one of us
so look out robo ;)
don't worry my new found lucy friend. barbie, and klingclubber try to keep me in line now and again, but they sometimes don't succeed....
i tell me about it.......
i can't fight back and everybody always believes what the girls say as well......for them its a win win situation....
yeah ive seen some of yours and barbies arguements
they're funny :D
barbie gives u a good arguement
i wouldnt wanna disagree with her!