Should I make the trip?



I will be in Barcelona next month (July '03) for the World Police and Fire Games. I was considering hopping on the ferry and going to Ibiza for a couple of days. Is it worth the trip over for just a couple of days? Are there reasonable accomodations near the "action"? Are there days of the week I should consider over others? I will probably be traveling alone, but I make friends quickly. Also, if there are any Ibizan tour guides, I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks for the help :!:

Bomber Bryan
Indiana, USA
Even for justa couple of days it is worth it, especially if you are so near anyway.
wellu wont' get a single no mate on this forum

definatley 100% make the trip for as long as you can

accomodation will be fine, check out this site and see what you like

see the beaches eat some beautiful food, have a few drinkies and of course check out a club, depending on wot musice u like!!

BUT GO !! :D :eek: 8) :D ;)
if u dont u will regret it...even if its just for a day do it