should i go to ibiza on my own?


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really wont to go to the closing parties but none of my mates can afford it or r in a situation to come. So i'm after some advise really if i should do it or not. Is they anyone on here thats gone on there own n how did they find it?
I went on my own last year for a week and it was fine. You're not long in making new friends. I'm sure there'll probably be plenty of people from the forum there too and there is usually a few meets happening.

I say go for it.
do it!
I used to go over on my own a lot and even went over for the xmas/new year (millenium) period and met lots of people (some of which I still see now 11 years later)
Initially its all a bit daunting especially on your first night out...sitting in dalt vila restaurants on your own can feel a bit of a billy-no-mates but you soon realise its actually quite cool as you can go out where you want at night and dont have to argue the toss over who wants to go where etc..
bit of advise though make sure you go to yoga to get flexible as rubbing sun cream on your own back is very very tricky!!
I would say,go for it ! I've been alone,fantastic,time to think,you really get into your own mind and sort things out.
I will say that the first time I went on my own was a life changing experience.

Anyway enough old bollo,as others have said you will make friends easily :)