should i bring my inline skates for daytime?



First time to ibiza from NY for 5 days, midweek, end of july. Are the streets rollerblade friendly? Or will I never get to use them? Thanks!!!
not quite sure what N8 meant there - probably got out of bed on the wrong side ;-)

inline skating on the roads is actually ilegal here. although one does see skaters from time to time. the road surfaces are not very good, so wheel-wear is heavy.
lol, is there a right side to get out of bed at 5am? ;)

I've just had a few bad experiences being bumped into/nearly knocked over by skaters, especially on the path along by Bar M.......remember a couple of years ago when the Miami parties flyer girls were all on skates? Except half of them couldnt do it very well and when they came over to flyer you ended up smashing into you? :rolleyes:
you'd get sand in the bearings + it's very hot for that sort of thing + they must be very heavy in your case. I'd say don't bother (although i have some skates out there and use them but only out of season.

think you can hire blades in ibiza save recking yours and having to carry them
thank you for your excellent advice

I'll leave them home and maybe rent a bike! Thanks!
I spoke to someone not long ago about this - I've taken my skateboard with me the last couple of times I've gone to Ibiza. The roads aren't the best but it was really cool skating along the prom bit from the Bay to the Harbour.

I did tend to only go out in the evening though, when its not as busy as during the day and before the crowds come out at night - as I know how annoying it can be, having skaters weaving in and out as you walk along...

Plus its far too hot during the day anyway...

But rollerblades would tale up a lot of room in your luggage - my board is ok as it just takes 5 minutes to take the trucks off and put them back on at the other end...

Though, if you can find somewhere to hire them in once you are over there, I'd say go for it - I had great fun and would recommend it :)