should I book the ferry ticket in advance?



we plan to take ferry from Barcelona to ibiza on 20th.Shall we book the ferry ticket in advance.If so ,how?'cause we have booked the hotel in ibiza, it's important for us the reach ibiza on 20th.Thanks!
Thank u!

Seems it's late to book.Actually,we wasn't thinking book ferry ticket.But i heard there's not so many ferry tickets available.Is it true?Can we get tickets when we get there?

I found umafisa

Seems it's an hour faster than trasmediterranea.Can u tell me which is better?
i don't think you will be in a position to pick and choose at this late stage in the middle of august. if you see it buy it!
Definitely book whatever you can at this point. There's cross over in lines as well -- like I think Umafisa and Trasmediterranea share bookings. We left it until a week in advance and couldn't get a ferry home when we planned -- fortunately, we were able to stay on at the hotel an extra night.
Thanks u,guys.

i didn't find the booking service on the website of Umafisa and Trasmediterranea .So i have to send email to them.

is it impossible for me to get ibiza on 20th? :(
I wouldn't say impossible. It'll likely be tricky. Try for plane tickets as well. You may also want to look into getting to Valencia or Denia and taking the ferry from there. Good luck!!!