Shorts in clubs?


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I am off to ibiza on sunday and according to a friend of mine i wont be able to get into clubs wearing shorts ( dress shorts not sports ones that is)
I find this hard to believe but was wondering if anyone could shead some light on the subject.
I'm planning to visit pacha for the first time on monday and dont want to be disappointed, also whats the score on footwear?
4 days to go ;)
My boyfriend wore shorts last summer into Pacha, Space and Pin-Up and had no problems at all. They were knee-length cargo ones.

If anywhere would have a problem, it would've been Pacha. As long as you're not trying to smuggle a camera in, they are not at all fussed.
I hear many stories of this no shorts thing.

I have worn shorts (not beach shorts) and sandals to Space, Pacha, Eden, Amneisa and loads of bars. never had a single word or any fing
cheers guys, i was planning on wearing like nice knee length drees shorts, not beach ones so should be ok, what about footwear?
sandals are fine. i wear quite bulky ones. Last year i had some Caterpiller ones that were sturdy, comfy and cool. I dont think i could bear the heat in dem clubs with my feet inside trainers 8)
We have covered in two posts, topics that certain ladies on this forum have taken several hundred posts to deal with. 8)
so whats the score regarding trainers, wouldnt consider wearing mad sporty ones like just plain ones, is this allowed?
Es Paradis used to have a ‘no shorts’ sign up outside the entrance. I haven’t been in the past 2 years though so I don’t know if they still have a no shorts policy.
rustywoo said:
We have covered in two posts, topics that certain ladies on this forum have taken several hundred posts to deal with. 8)

PMSL :lol: but sooooo true :p ;)

Back to original question, shorts are fine, Tom has couple of pairs of Maharishi shorts which always come out to play @ Space, DC10.
Well i had to go home and change because they turned me away from Eden for having shorts on....not sporty ones btw, quite nice plain and dark coloured. Also was warned not to wear them to Privilege, so didnt risk it (same with Pacha)

im not risking it this year, wear 3/4, they're safer

ps, going on sunday!! woo hoo!!
i always wear shorts or 3/4 lenght trackbottoms wearing trousers or jeans is far to annoying in that heat
Just back and saw guys with shorts on in Pacha, Amnesia and Space. My mate got turned away from Es Paradis for it last year though.
I thought Es Paradis would be the last place to not let people in for wearing shorts.