Shopping: best place?


Miss Holland

Where are the best place to go shopping on sunday, monday, Wednesday?
I look for stylish/trendy clothes...
I fly the 13 of September till the 20th, is it also time for sales?

Thkx :D
Thanx Robo, I hope I will be satisfied of what I will see in Ibiza for shopping. I expect from the island the best creation and imagination, I travelled through london, Ams', Brussels, Berlin for shopping to find exceptional/original stuff.

C ya ;)
Bring on the sales, september is sale time, yee ha! one week to go ;)
there are quite a few lovely boutiques and a few lovely pricey shops around san an bay...brouhgt quite a few things there before :!: :D
Shops I loved & bought from were.. [All in Ibiza Town!]

Silver Shop -beautiful Indian bracelets!
The End -carries Carnales brand
Coxwen -great clothing here! Gsus & more..
The Truck Zone - great shoes!
Sombreria - very cool hats, skullies, etc [& very nice owner named Carmello :D ]
Cyberdog Ibiza -picked up a nice tshirt that says ibiza Rocks! Dift from the rest..
Naturaria - [sp?] great deals here & w/a middle Eastern twist

There are more but can't think of the names right now!!
>> Yes & I was lucky to get sale prices at Sept end!!!