Shopping and Markets in Ibiza?


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i am thinking about heading over 2 ibiza over the summer & was wondering how many high2middle-end fashion stores there are on ibiza?
& or cool markets?

but not to go shopping.... to sell stuff....

if anyone on here is in the industry do you know whether the stores buy throughout the season or do they buy stock b4 the season starts?

any names of some of the 'better' fashion stores on the island would be fantastic!!

there are 2 hippiemarkets, you can read more about them in the spotlight section.....they are on wednesdays and saturdays...I havent been there yet! and im going for the 6th time this year.....
Las Dalias hippy market on Saturday is pretty cool, gets dead ramned, well sweaty and it aint that cheap. Despite that it aint full of crap and you can pick up some really cool things there!
Las Dalias market it is by the sounds of it!!!
Sounds mighty, mighty 8)
Thanks for the info everyone :D
It's looking like I may be able to survive the whole season afterall ;) 8)
i hope you have a plan 'b'
if you're intending to become a market trader at las dalias or es cana hippy market etc you'll really have to hustle to get a pitch, as i'm told that people wait years just to get the paperwork to have a stall there.
stephen said:
i'm told that people wait years just to get the paperwork to have a stall there.
i can confirm that exactly the same happens if you want to have a stall in the marina!! :rolleyes:

i don't want a stall there!!!! :eek:
i just want to sell my stuff to some of the stall holders.... ;)

& have just designed a new "ibizian" range of shit that will sell like hotcakes!!! mark my words SOMEONE will want to buy them.... 8)

Stephan: THAT is my Plan B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plan A is MUSIC :twisted:
Plan B is JEWELLERY :rolleyes:
Plan C is DANCING ;)
Plan D is BAR WORK :(

Plan E is admitting 2 myself that I have no talent in any of these areas (which is a load of SHITE!!!!) & just isn't going to happen!!!

Think positive & all will be revealed...... :twisted:
Or that is discoplayer's motto for 2004 as far.... :lol:

Cheers 4 the info peoples.... :D