Shipwrecked @ ES PARADIS 2009 *CANCELLED*


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as you might remember, morning boat parties were banned in san antonio so we all thought shipwrecked was over..... well, they are back on wednesday afternoons :!:

Shipwrecked is back for 2009 bigger and better than ever .For all you kids who love to dance in the sunshine our new venue is ES PARADIS.Ibiza´s best looking club is finally opening in the day just for our fun and madness.same rules apply(no jumping overboard).

opening party is the 8th july 4.30pm with all DJ´s to be confirmed. We´re taking the daytime party to the next level so your support in getting this off the ground will be something to look back on with pride when these parties become legendary(or get stopped by plod).Either way lets have some fun!!!!!!!!!!
with dermot c+guests in the main room and the northern monkey in la galeria.....

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