Shipping Dj Equipment Abroad...


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hey guys,

next year i am going on a work/social holiday in ibiza dj'ing in playa d'en bossa. however after discussing for a while with m8s i have decided to try and ship my decks and mixer and speakers abroad. however i dont know how much cost would be or if its even possible to do so, so wondering if anyone had done it or could give me some advice on the matter, i.e prices and safety of equipment. would be much appreciated:D


brad james
Hmmm,maybe you should check with the venues you are booked at for the exact requirements?
Nothing worse than seeing DJs struggling through the airoport with trolleys laden with speakers etc....:idea:
I looked into it once but was to go to Canada . VERY expensive from what i remember. Personally Id drive all the way instead with everything packed in the car if u really need to take turntables
Hi Brad,

Yea as Don Simon said in his post I would check with wherever your playing what the requirements are before you take anything.....

Most places have there own gear anyway!

I tried to take a pair of 1210's to Greece once.....complete nightmare:rolleyes: