Sharing accommodation/job vacancies


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Hiya people, I am heading to Ibiza on the 29th of April, looking for people interested in sharing accommodation. I’m a 20 year old male from Edinburgh, It will be my 21st when I’m out there. im chilled out and easy going. Just send me an email or post if your needing to share accommodation.
that probably is a better date to go out actually, i think all the smaller bars and alot of places open in the first week of may so we should be cool to find work! have you had a look at any apartments or places to stay? i had a look at a place called traumantana apartments, its by the fountains near the west end so right where all the bars are.. 1week was 245 euro for 3peeps, was lookin to get a oneway ticket out there stay at the apartment for a week n look for work n see how things go. my mate aaron has backed out of coming now because he lost his job so im lookin to meet a group of random peeps to chill out with for the summer while working in ibiza!!