setting up road side business in Ibiza??


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i have an amazing idea. i do wood art and craft and i was wondering how i could set up business in Ibiza selling crafts that i make on the roadside or on beach or carpark etc....(basically somewhere in public)

Please can someone advise me, how would i go about it? do i need some sort of permission to set up? do i have to register the business out there at all, like you would inthe UK?

i have already brought a fold away table for this job, so i am very serious and i am planning to set up in the next month. But i have no idea on how to do it over in Ibiza.:oops:

i will give a free piece of art to people who help me with this one.

Thank you very much in advanced.


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as a general rule of thumb - think all the permisions, licenses, tax forms. paperwork that you need to have a retail business in britain - then double it, then complicate it by doing it all in catalan or spanish, and basically that's ibiza.

plus, trading on beaches, etc is illegal. you need to be on private property like a bar or restaurant and i imagine that by this time most of their 'stalls' are occupied.

come for a week, have a looksie, and start planning for next year.