September Weather?

Weather tends not to be good in Sept as in June/July/August but who can tell cos there's been bad weather all over the place this summer.

When I've been in Sept I've always had some really hot days, then some cloudy days and even a few thunderstorms.

If you're going to go to Ibiza just to get a suntan then there's hotter times to go but on the otherside the clubs and the people are always better in Sept IMO.
maybe this year it might be better, even in ireland now it's hot, and its been cold all summer, funny....

the weather site says it going to be sunny/partly cloudly, so hope thats means blue sky, with a few clouds..


Generally I've found the weather not to be to bad in Sept, last year had a few storms, but generally it's still pleasent with plenty of sunshine, (God I should be a weather presenter) :eek:
Well I was out in October last year and it was still roasting
i went the last week of september last year and found that some days was cloudy with one real bad rainy day but as a whole it was OK. :D