September in Ibiza - 5-11th Review


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Well what can I say! I got back yesterday after 6 nights and waiting over 14 months for my 2nd trip to San An bay. Firstly, one thing I love about Ibiza, as many people do is the feeling when you get back, yes it's sad but it's also a relief that the island is still magical and you know you are going back ASAP!

Friday 5th September

What a day! We arrived at Leeds/Bradford airport at 9am and our flight had been delayed due to bad weather for about 2 hours! We hit the bar early as did everyone else and the time we took off the whole plane was merry which I don't think the air staff were too happy about. The flight seemed to take forever but once we landed the whole plane went crazy shouting and heckling - this was a great feeling, never seen anything like it!

We got to Hotel Osiris in San An bay after a cheapish taxi run (20 euros). Hotel was clean and tidy and very friendly although we knew it wasn’t the sort of place we could be noisy so we headed straight out into San An - we visited all our fav bars such as Sun Sea Bar, Mambo, Savanah which were as good as we remembered. We settled in Savnanah where we got tickets for Wonderland at 5 tickets for 40 Euros each with 1 ticket free!! We also watched Groove Armada play a nice set which set the mood. Unfortunately one of my mates over did it and I ended up sorting his head out for an hour on the rocks but after a short while he was fine and we headed over to HUSH to hear some funky beats. We then went to Plastik for Wonderland warm up which was bouncing!!! Really good music and crowd. I had never been to Eden and didn’t know what to expect and to be honest didn’t really rate Tongy so my expectations were low. How wrong was I? Eden as a club for me was average but to my surprise Tongy delivered a top quality house set, full of good material including Eric Prydz new tune (not Pjanoo) it’s called RAKFUNK and my god it’s QUALITY!!!!! . One of my other mates, once again got to wrecked and passed out! The security (which seemed to be everywhere) kicked him out and left him outside on his own! The worst bit was he dropped his wallet in the process with all his cards in – he had no choice but to pay 55 Euros to come back in and try find it which he didn’t. This screwed my trip in a way because he wired me £600 but I was limited to 300 Euros a day from the ACM which I had to give half away! Apart from this incident the night was great – Not such a wonderland? I think it was good and would definitly go again!

Saturday 6th September

Woke up feeling good and after sorting the money problems out just relaxed all day in the sun and had a few beers. We then went on to walk round San An and the bay and ended up in Linkers later on to watch the England match. Met some god damn awful people in there and some nice people but this place is defiantly not Ibiza! (for me anyway) Get it moved to the west end!! Anyway, after Friday night Hed Kandi was a right off and people were tired so went back to hotel for about 2am.

Sunday 7th September

Bora Bora and Space! The day I had been waiting for. I have never been to either so I couldn’t wait for this. We chilled by day and headed over to Space about 6pm to pick up some free tickets off a mate – unfortunately we missed him so headed to the supermarket and got some beers and sat on Bora Bora Beach. I had heard the rumours about this place such as security, police and not being able to sit near with your own did tell us to move away from Bora Bora with our bottles although this didn’t matter as the music was loud and the vibe was great!! Later on the security drew back the blue covers and segregated the bar from the beach – I assume this is to make people go inside!!? Anyway we watched Spiderman for ages which really made us laugh in a good way then went inside to go crazy in Bora Bora. I loved Bora Bora – didn’t really see any of the bad points mentioned on this forum. (police were searching people with bags only when entering Bora Bora)
We proceeded to get tickets to Space and this is where it went a bit wrong!! We got the 40 Euro tickets and went into Space early doors, about 9pm. Space was a lovely club with loads of rooms and much more tidy and modern than I expected!! We wandered around for ages trying to find some decent music but it didn’t happen, it was very poor!! Yes we went early but nothing we heard nothing that reflected a 2hr Sasha house set or Ben Watt/Cassius! Where were the warm up sessions? We heard Madonna remixes in 2 rooms? Wasn’t happy at this point and 2 of my mates left and went elsewhere. 4 of us stayed till about 1am and only I wanted to stay so we decided to leave (yes I know it was early which is why I can’t really judge the whole night on this review). Outside we spoke to a Geordie couple who agreed with us and said it was poor in terms of music. They also told us they got searched on the way in and the women was asked to hand over any pills she has as they suspected they were in her bra – she handed them over and they let her in for being honest......on another note – we spoke to loads of people who got sold fake pills including a lad who was with us. Taxi back to San An and headed back to the hotel where some idiot PR from Linekers told me I knew nothing about music because I said Pete Tong was a good night? He said he plays minimal and then went on to say until 2 weeks ago he had never heard of Cassuis? I just laughed and went back to hotel.

Monday 8th September

Chilled all say in the Sun Sea Bar and Savanah! Lovely, so relaxed and chilled although quite quiet. We decided to go to Mambo for tea (which was PACKED) on the night and watch the Roger Sanchez pre-party! What an evening, really cool although wasn’t too keen on Sanchez tunes. We met up with my other mates and got tickets for Tiesto @ Privilege! Not my music at all, but it wasn’t just my holiday so I agreed to go at 45 Euros a ticket. We got the free bus near the Bull Bar, really quick and easy this way and all you need is a ticket to get on!
We got to Privilege about 1am and got straight in with a very brief search. This place was bouncing! The crowd were up for it and the club felt like a proper club!! Like I said, I don’t really do trance but the night was great and I enjoyed the music – I would defiantly recommend. Downside of the night was my mate who felt ill about 4am, dunno what happened to him but he was in a bad way! Had to sort him out but still didn’t get back till 7am! My mates said music was still going strong after 6am when they left .
The worst thing about today was that I missed Circoloco @ DC10 due to my mate losing his cards, I couldn’t physically get enough money out for both of us!!! Gutted :spank:

Tuesday 9th September

I woke up feeling well lost from the night before! I was also worried about my mate who was still bad but had no choice but to get up and clear my head!! We all were feeling rough today so decided to chill at the Orange Corner and listen to Andy Kidd followed by a session at Itica where soulful beats were on the menu, quality day! The evening was BOILING!! It absolutely killed us so we went to Savanah and chilled there till around 1am and were beat so had a nice slow walk back!

Wednesday 10th September

Our last day and we were all feeling it a bit. We hit the beach and chilled before walking up the Bay for a few quiet beers. We intended to go to Subliminal @ Pacha on the night but again my mates were whinging about money!! We ended up watching the England game in the Pink Panther instead? Funny bar but a bit of a let down on our last night! However, I refused to let it end there so wandered down to Itaca, Bar M and Hush to hear to some decent music – by this point there was only 2 of us left so we called it a night!

Thursday 11th September

Got up and packed for our flight at 3.20pm back to Leeds!

Overall, the holiday was great even though my mates didn’t take enough money meaning we didn’t go to enough clubs / excursions (which I have been planning for months). In general the music wasn’t the best this year although I don’t think I visited enough clubs for my views to be fair. I thought it was pretty busy this year although some nights did seem quiet but not as bad as people have reported here.........the same with police presence? We hardly saw any apart from a few outside Bora Bora. Roll on 2009 :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:
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good review!! too bad about your friend.. maybe next year go on your own and you will be able to go out and do whatever you want! 8)
Great review!

One question - Why didn´t you book online tickets for clubs with your card? Surely the 300 euro limit/day is only if you take out money from the machines?
Great review!

One question - Why didn´t you book online tickets for clubs with your card? Surely the 300 euro limit/day is only if you take out money from the machines?

We did think of that although for some reason it didnt happen lol Circoloco was the main problem but wasnt sure if you could get tickets and learn 8)

We made a few mistakes on this trip but hopefully it will make the next one even better
We then went on to walk round San An and the bay and ended up in Linkers later on to watch the England match. Met some god damn awful people in there and some nice people but this place is defiantly not Ibiza! (for me anyway) Get it moved to the west end!!

Agreed. I was there for the England - Croatia game. A few too many spastics for my liking.