September, but which week???? First time to Ibiza!



Me and my girlfriend are going for the first time to Ibiza this year. The main reason we go are the parties. We want to go to Ibiza in September, but have not decided which week. So which is the best week to go in September and still catch some great parties, like closing parties or so. We want to do 3 or 4 parties. Is a week enough or better 10 days. Hehehe, yeah now you are going to say the longer the better:)
And also, for a first time going to Ibiza, which clubs or parties are a must to go to in september. We like hardtrance, Techno, etc. No soft house music for us!
the first week of septmeber.....

if you like trance techno etc..then go to:

coccoon@amnesia on monday
cream@amnesia on thursday
judgement sundays@eden on sunday
godskitchen@eden on tuesday

i think these are all for now, but keep checking the listings on this site.....
dont forget, inside at space on a sunday is pretty fierce if you like that kinda thing (which i do)
Going back to original question I would go in 2nd of Sept, the closing parties tend to be in 2nd and 3rd wks of Sept. A wk is ok but you won't want to go home after a wk, if you can I would do 10 days or 2 wks!
The inside of Space during the day is bliss, so cool and preacful (sorta!), but definately nice and cool from the aircon and only a couple hundred peeps inside, great to cool down...................ahhhhhhhhhhhh