September 24th - 1st October

club class

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First post and hope I have put it in the right place. I go Wednesday would anyone be able to help with the following questions for me:

1) on the party calander it says that at be @ space with DT there is a special guest, anyone know who this is?

2) do they publish set times for WLS? going to the closing anyway but don't want to go all day as there is only a few people that I want to see nic and JZ.

3) Wonderland closing party will it just be tong all night or will there be people added? don't think I could stomach tong all night

4) what time does dc10 open and close and will it still be open on the 29th Sept? needing this info as undecided on weather to go there or cocoon!!

Right thats it hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance