Sept10 with 1 yr old - resorts??


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Planning family holiday Sept10, with our one year old.

The wife and I have previously stayed in San An, the Bay & Talamanca, but we're looking for somewhere with a (fairly!) quiet beach & hotel with decent baby pool. We'd like to be within walking distance (or short bus ride) from sunset strip if poss. Were thinking Cala Gracio? Not really keen on the Bay.

Would be really grateful if anyone could make any hotel reccomendations.
Also, does the promenade now extend as far as Cala Gracio? In 2007 I think it went as far as Cala des Moro.

well best hotel round there is the fiesta hotel tanit.prom only just up to Cala des Moro.then stops really.

The fiesta is top of my list, but still considering stayin at the abrat again.

Was reading that the abrat has had a revamp, does anyone know if it still catering to the 18-30 market? admit it was very quiet there last time I stayed and an ace hotel, but see it is now being offfered by Thomas Cook.
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