Sept 9th- 7days - 1 prob - travelling alone -



Hello there,

yep i have a problem, not much of one but i seem to be the only one of my mates that can either afford or can get away for some closing party action.

Ive read the posts to c whos around - just need to know if any1 is able to meet up in san an (not beer boy territory, its not really my thing) -

am off to pacha for the perfecto closing and probably cream - maybe a bit of old school, possibly a touch of Hed Kandi

mail me



stat:m/26 - quite normal
well with 16 views and no comment, looks like i'll still be alone -

arhh well, no one to report back to the missus i suppose

c u all there
Hello Mark
I´m travelling alone too but everyone I come across says t won´t be difficult to make friends and stuff. Everybody seems willing to have the time of their lives and I guess it helps people making contacts all the time.
I´m staying in Ibiza Town, but we can meet at some neutral point. People from this site tend to arrange to meet at Bora Bora. Maybe c u there then ?
13th - 20th Sep

Lo Mark

I'm travelling with a friend on the 13th for a week and staying in San an as well. Tryin to leave most nights to decisions on the day but will be makin the most of the sunset strip (del mar being the reason I first went to Ibiza both in 2k n '01).

Possibly looking at Cocoon on the Monday night (Richie Hawtin/John aquaviva to keep me happy) as my mate leans towards the harder side of stuff n I'm pretty much guaranteed quality with these chaps.

Would also like to go to a circo loco event at some point (either Friday when we get there or monday morning).

Drop me a line n we can sort out a meeting point or swap numbers or summin? :D