SEPT 5-9..suggestions needed.


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Goin out sept 5-9. anyone out there at that time? anyone staying in PDB?

Have every night planned except that saturday night (sept 5). any reccomandations for our first night out there?

thanks!! :)
It is the Zoo Project's closing party that night, or Morales and ATFC at Defected. Either sounds the ticket for me and I can't make my mind up which one i'm going to!
not so much into zoo project

morrillo is at pacha? i hear that pacha gets too crowded..or is that party worth goin to?

also thought of matinee but goin to see tiesto at priv that not sure i wanna go twice. what you think?
That Saturday night is Defected at Pacha so no Morillo, but it is really quality house music so very worth going to.

Matinee is at Amnesia so no worries there for you!