Sept 21 -29 Ibiza Virgin


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This is what I have planned...I get in Sunday early evening.

21 Eden - Judgement Closing party
22 Privelage - Tiesto
23 ???- Pacha - Defected ??...Maybe just lay low
24 ??? - Privelage - Meganite closing ??
25 - Pacha for David Guetta closing or Amnesia for Creams closing party
26 - Eden -Wonderland closing with Pete Tong
27 - Amnesia, People from Ibiza
28 - We Love Space Closing

Let me know if I'm missing anything or if you have any suggestions.

Well, looks like you've got quite a good line-up there, my crazed Canadian friend ;)

It's all a matter of taste, but I'd suggest:
22 Cocoon @ Amnesia
23 Laurent Garnier @ Space (possibly with Moby)
24 last time I heard Mauro Picotto play I nearly fell asleep, but you should see Privilege so give it a try
25 Danny Tenaglia @ Space
26 Pure Pacha closing w/ Sander Kleinenberg

Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll have a great time 8)
I'm there myself 21st-30th and really looking forward to it!
I agree with Morbyd. 8)

being a canucklehead myself, I find that most Canadians are bombarded with the more cheesier commercial trance stuff and every Canadian I meet tends to go for that sort of stuff because thats what they are exposed to here.

So this is what I'd do

Sept 21 -We love
Sept 22 dc10 and Cocoon
Sept 23 GARNIER ( wouldn't miss this.. its a special one-time thing!)
Sept 24- up to you.. I'm probably going to head to Undeground or some non-superclub night
Sept 25-Tenaglia closing party for sure!!
Sept 26 Pacha or supermartxe
Sept 27 people from Ibiza
Sept 28 we love
Sept 29 you not here for cocoon closing?

I'd def make sure you get to cocoon for sure!!
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I was pretty set on some of those nights.
Crap...Now I'm torn between Privelege (Tiesto) and Amnesia . I'm a big Tiesto fan, but the Cocoon night looks impressive.

Sept 23...Garnier it is. Thanks
Sept 24...Depends if I see Tiesto or not on the 22. If I do, this night will be a "casual" night, if I don't Privelege it is.
Sept 25 Space or Amnesia
Sept 26 Pacha or Eden.
Sept 27 People from Ibiza
Sept 28 We Love
Sept 29...Going home...Boooo!

I appreciate the suggestions...Keep them coming.
This is my agenda in a couple of weeks.

20 sep: Space Matinee
21 sep: Space We love ( 2 many dj's)
22 sep: Circoloco DC10 and Tiesto in Privilege
23 sep: Laurent Garnier in Space
24 sep: LaTroya (depends on reviews from this week) otherwise Pacha Subliminal with eric morillo and Steve Angelo.
25 sep: Amnesia Cream Closing, or Danny...
26 sep: El Divino Closing ? (never been there before)

Crazycanuck, pay no attention to Utagaura or Morbyd's suggestion for Danny T on thursday ;), it's got to be Cream all the way.

If you like trance, and judging by your list i guess you do, you HAVE to experience trance in the main room at Amnesia when the cannons go off. It's a MUST 8)