Sept 1st to 17th

Nobbie Q

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Im thinking of going 5th to 7th sept if anyones around been before but not alone, from london.
DM man, we'll see if our party scheudules line up.

Anyone else gonna be around my time period? Just giving another shoutout!


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Spot a bloke with sandals and weird shirt (Not my words about Hawaian shirt ?)
7611Don t blame security staff if u dont enter Hi ? those sandals are not made for Dancing ?
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So my plans-

1st- Solomun + Denis Horvat
2nd- maybe circo, but def Cocoon
3rd- Resistance
4th Dance or Die (might die by here!) And maybe Tronic closing
5th- Music On day party Destino and maybe afterlife
6thVagabundos or Transmoderna (don't @ me!)
7th- El Row
8th- toss up between Pacha and Heart
9th- 100 % Circo loco
10th- REST, go to a beach
11th- maybe Formentera
12th Afterlife
13th- Kraftwerk at Ushuaia
14th- unsure, maybe another rest day
15th- Solomun and Gerd Janson
16th- Circo and or Cocoon
17th- off to Berlin

All of these parties are subject to change and just looking at my schedule, it looks daunting lol. My first week I'll have to sacrifice something for sure
Im quiet worried, @Nobbie Q was not online for 20hours :eek:,resting hard? ?

Summary of 1rst week
1st- Solomun + Denis Horvat ?
2nd- Cocoon ?
3rd- Resistance ?
4th Dance or Die ?look like u died here ?)
5th- ?
6th- ?
7th- El Row ?
8th- toss up Pacha and Heart ???

Sleep well, save Stamina as Dc10 lineup sounds nice ?

Nobbie Q

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Afterlife quite fittingly which was also the start of the NFL season made me die on the 6th!! Been a total wreck since. My Way Ibiza Luxury suites, great hotel, totally worth it. but i'm switching to Don Pepe in the morning! more reports coming!


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Im sure u never experience a boat party
If in ibiza i will support my Bro Luis del Villar sept 16th 100%
U got a 20€ discount with his code
Two weeks for our Ibiza Catamaran Party 16-09-2019 special guest: Luis Del Villar !! If you buy your tickets now and you type the code "LDV2019" you will get an special 20 euro discount !! All inclusive from 16.00 to 22.00 !!

Event not cheap,the least i can do to support very friendly dj that gave me a tshirt wavefan and drink tixs in obeach ?
Fb event link


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^^ why do they have to stop so close to the shore ?? I'm pretty certain not everyone wants to hear party boats that close to land ... :rolleyes: