Seing as there has been a lot of talk recently about........


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......Dave Pearce. Louise the spotlight reporter has just filed this report

Dave Pearce once again proved his worthiness as a crowd puller in Ibiza returning for yet another manic summer on his newly acclaimed Friday (previously Saturday) night residency.

With Radio 1’s top name DJ holding the fort at Eden for another year this event is a sure way to secure a crammed crowd filler and provide first class neighbouring rivalry across the road. Internationally known as “the people’s champion of dance” Mr Pearce continued to pump out track after track of future trance, hard dance and classic Ibiza anthems to the popularity of the punters. Joining the Friday night slot with “the man himself”, Ibiza DJ legend Ray Davies continued to carry the hands-in-the air crowd through the early hours.

Exclusively teaming up with Eden’s Funky Room in 2003, Plastik inc. presents ‘Next Generation DJ Talent & NuBalearic Sounds’. Battling it out in tense heats at Plastik bar, wannabe DJ superstars get the chance to “prove it” in return for a chance to “spin their thing” at Eden later that night. An excellent show and support in the Funky Room and who knows, maybe future DJ hero’s to come?

True to their name Euphoria create pure ecstasy, excitement and exhilaration as Dave Pearce without a doubt continues to roll phat ones.
I like Ray Davies...

Last time in Ibiza, when we happened to find ourselves in Euphoria, Ray played the best music of the night - although not hard I suppose considering the rest of the line up consisted of Dave Pearce on thre dex and a live set by Darude.

Seriously though, his set was really good and being honest, he should have done the last half of the night instead of the first.
Hiya that next generation thing is that like an open deck night? Surely you would have the world and their wife cueing up for the chance to dj in beefa. There must be restrictions right? Plastik does sound promising we will try to check it out, there 22/08 - 5/09
I am happy that Dave Pearce exists just so that he keeps the type of crowd he attracts away from me.

I have no idea who Ray Davis is but if he puts on as good a show as my favourite entertainer Paul Daniels then he may be OK.
lot of dangerous dave cynicism on the board at the mo.

why? he is true to his guns, is very popular and (as spottydog said) makes a shedload of money!

almost everyone i have met who has been to his night has loved it - they know what they are getting and are going because of that.