Seeking advice for a 44-year-old landing in June


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I've explored the site fairly thoroughly but am not getting a feel for where it's best for a 44-year-old partier to locate. I'm torn between Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio, though I'm leaning toward the former. Any advice on the best hotel? And for that matter, the best clubs for someone my age. Bear in mind that I party like a 24-year old (did Cancun last month; will be hitting Amsterdam the week prior to arriving in Ibiza on 15 June), love techno and house, that sort of thing.
To be honest, I wouldn't segregate any specific Ibiza area or club by age. You like your house and techno, you'll be going to the same places the rest of us go! (I'm just a little under 40 myself).

I like to stay in Playa den Bossa, mainly for its proximity to Ibiza Town and the clubs I tend to frequent (Space, Amnesia, Pacha). In terms of what clubs you visit, it'll depend on the music you want to hear on which nights.
Much appreciated. Is there a program or schedule detailing what's where that can be picked up somewhere when I arrive?