Seb Fontaine or Dave Seaman


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Question for my fellow clubbers on Feb. 14 I can either check out Seb Fontaine at some unknown venue (can't seem to find the location) or Dave Seaman at Lotus which is a new club that opened up in TO.
Which would you go and see?

If these things affect your answer at all:

1. I've already planned to go and see Danny Howells on Feb. 15 and I'm not missing this.
2. I believe I've seen both of these guys and I remember having a good time at both.
3. Seb has been playing some good house the last couple of times I've catched him on his Radio 1 set.
Well, wait a minute! You can't find the location for Seb right? Go with Dave then, but if you do find the location for Seb then go with Seb. Damn it! I think I just confused you! Sorry! :confused:
seb has taken a lot of stick in past months and years for changing his musical style, from trance to prog and know back to tech housey stylee.

if you find the venue, then go and see seb...
Well, I recently saw both Seb and Dave Seaman at The Xmas Rhumba @ The Ice Factory in Perth on the 27th December. Seb played almost exactly the same set he did when he was live for the Essential Mix (with Sander K - LEGEND) from Colours @ The Liquid Room in Edinburgh a few months back. He was alright but Dave Seaman was totally amazing so based on current form I would go for Seaman. You're well into Digweed (my favourite DJ) are not bbc? Well, Seaman plays some great prog trance as well as some tough prog house so I reckon he would suit your tastes better.
Thanks for the update Bart...I think I may just have to check out Seaman, if he plays somewhat like Digweed I'll definitely have a good time. :D :D :D
Mixmag have labelled him as "Seb Mundane" I heard, not that I buy Mixmag, lot of pish it is, got to be M8 (suppose that's because it's the only mag that covers all the Scottish clubs though).

Seb used to be my favourite DJ early last year but he doesn't seem to be doing it for me anymore.
Thanks for the input, I'll discuss with my friends and let you all know who we see and how it was. As far as I'm concerned Seaman or Fontaine will just be the pre-party as my heart belongs to Howell's. We had such a good night the last time I saw him I can't wait....This is going to be a great Valentines....
Seaman would be my pick. They are both quite predictable, but I don't think Fontaine knows his arse from his elbow at the moment.
Seb Fontaine in Toronto....!?!??!?!?! Much rather see him than Seaman, who did not impress at all at the Guv 6 year!

Have read that Seb is touring Canada the 2nd-3rd week of February, but no mention of any Toronto date....????

Has anything been confirmed...???... possibly and hopefully System Sound on Friday followed by Danny on Sat at the Guv!!!! Could be the begining of a great Reading Week!

I'm seeing Seaman on Friday as I managed to use my charm to get my friends and I free passes...I don't know where Fontaine is playing but I don't believe its any big club and definitely not System...Keep a look out as I'm sure it'll be posted somewhere.

See you at Howells on Saturday...Boy I love this city....
Good choice bbc ;)

Didn't anyone hear Seb's Essential Mix from Edinburgh a few moths back with Sander K? It was shocking, his mixing was all over the place, he was too f*cked to play really! Must have got caught up in the Scottish spirit!