Searching a tune



Hi all..

anyone knows the name / artist of that house track with the

"open your heart, open your mind... to the sunshine"

vocal hook line ?? They played that everyday at bora bora..
If it's the same tune I'm thinking of then it's called 'open your heart' by Liquid People...5 days of work left then it's the terrace at space, can't wait :D
Looked for the Liquid People thing at web records and others - not there ?!
Maybe not released yet ?!

Or different artist / title !

Any other ideas ?

Yeah, I looked for it myself after I'd heard it a few times - quality tune. So I asked the guys at and they told me the artist and title...well, if it's not, the search goes on...! I tried!
tune found by chance

;) Hi! if u still don't know the name of the tune ,i just find it in cd clubber's guide to ibiza 2002 bought 1 week ago
Octave one feat Ann sauderson BLACK WATER alter ego vocal mix
That's the tune. Got my wires crossed. It was also on the ministry mags free cd called 'Gatecrasher Summer Sound System" (I'm cheap like that!)
Cheers...2 days till Ibiza, one working day... :D
YES !!!!

Hey, you got it !!!

Thanx A LOT !!!!