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Hey Everyone,

Thought I would let you know how the weekend was.

1. Friday night planned on going to see Seaman but when we arrived at the club there was a notice stating due to flight complications Seaman wouldn't be appearing. - So being that we were disappointed at he no show we ended up going to check out 2 other clubs and eventually ended up at a true underground event taking place on top of a record store in TO. The music was pure house, and there was 3 local dj's taking turns at the tables...We ended up leaving quite early because we knew we were going to see Howells on Sat night and didn't want to wear ourselves out...leaving early ended up being a good thing because my friend heard that the place got busted at 5:30 am...I still think it would have been extremely funny cause you had to know the adventure Joe and I had had that night...

2. Sat night went to see Howells, who played really good house, except people were complaining that he was using house sets in a trancey type of way, I myself think that experimentation while dj'ing isn't a bad thing and can make things more interesting because you're expecting the usual and are surprised by the show you get. As always Howell's is a crowd pleaser and seemed to be having the time of his life...

bbc6673 said:
I still think it would have been extremely funny cause you had to know the adventure Joe and I had had that night...

...Come on Beeb you, can't leave a dangler like that not expect some Muppet to ask you to explain in more detail......So explain in more detail please..... :lol:
Sorry never meant to leave you hanging Fox....It's just that my friend Joe and I seem to every once in a while conduct an unexpected tour of's hard to explain the night except that it was f'n freezing, Joe's girlfriend didn't want to come out cause she didn't like the club we were going to, even though it just opened the night before and I managed to get them 8 passes for it - I think she hates the fact that I got the passes more than she actually hated the club, even though the club is a gino/gina club and we'll definitely not be frequenting it unless they bring in big talent...then we had a rude bouncer (which I still need to email the owners of the club about), we ended up getting really peeved and threw our VIP passes at the ginos and ginas in the line-up...We got in a cab, went to a hotel downtown to look up the name and address of this club Jai and it ended being R&B night - Joe thought this club was putting on some special dj'ing/house event but the event was taking place the next night...oooppppssss!!!! We should have known from the music, crowd and heart balloons hanging from the ceiling, it was Valentine's after all...but it was pretty sad, we thought we were at some deranged prom night gone really wrong??? Then we walked in the freeze to find another cab to go to an event at the top of Metropolis Records and that's where we ended probably doesn't seem like much but it was another of what I call Bibi and Joe's Big Adventures....If we had gotten busted at the event at Metropolis Records, as my brother is a TO police officer and I have never seen him working at any of the events I have been to but knowing my luck...being busted at a 'supposed' booze can would have been icing on the cake...See not that interesting when written but living through it is another adventure....
bbc6673 said:
See not that interesting when written but living through it is another adventure....

Indeed Beeb, well I found it interesting. Sounded like one hell of an eventful night. Although, you will have to explain the gino/gina concept to me. Forgive me, I'm British and my downtown Canadian lingo has deserted me......I've got ideas but I don't want to go down the wrong track so to speak.

I bet you was as popular as a fart in a spaceman's suit on Friday weren't you if you went out on the tiles with someone else's man, especially with it being Valentine's day?

Good to hear you gave the bouncers a bit of grief though. Doorstaff in this country can be right up their own arses at times. Especially those with clip boards. Give a member of the door staff a clipboard and they turn into meglomaniacal, jumped up little tosspots, out to ruin the night of any unsuspecting clubber.

What would the penalty be for attending such an event in TO?
hehehe, I still laugh when I think of the mayhem we went through and all for a night out...and yes I guess going out with someone else's boyfriend on Valentine's is probably a no-no but he's been my friend for a long time and his girlfriend and him celebrated V-Day the night before....

The gino/gina concept is best described by a fellow clubber:
tits and muscles everywhere.... he went on to state that he left the club smelling like drakkar noir, instead of cigarettes... hehehehe!!! :D :D 8) They are also known as Eurotrash and tend to have a curfew of 2:00 am, the girls pretend to be virginal and the guys tend to think they are Gods gift to women... :lol: - Very sad lot I friends and I also call them Gibrone...It's our own term of endearment for them, it also came about because I seem to be a gibrone magnet....Why God why? Maybe that's why I'm single... :?: :rolleyes:

The penalty for attending a booze can event or going to a gibrone club? The penalty for being caught in a booze can depends on how you treat the police officer(s), my own experience has been that niceness allows for a lot of leeway...The police tend to just shut down the event, take away any licenses and fine the owner of the establishment, not too much happens to the patrons unless you choose to be a moron...
The penalty for going to a gibrone club is having your breasts ogled (sp?) and smelling of bad cologne at the end of the night :confused:

Did I mention of writer friend of mine is going to write a book about me and my adventures...its probably going to take some time to finish as I have a lot of living left to do....
Ha-ha! I see where you are coming from. We'd probably describe these type of joints as a "meatmarket" full of meatheads and cheap slappers. Fortunately, I think they are on the decline in my area, as you don't get many of them popping up anymore. In fact they seem to have been replaced by the complete opposite, trendier, high brow establishments.

Drakkar Noir! :D Is that still going? Could be worse though, could be Old Spice or Hai Karate!! Can't be doing with all that crowd though, maybe when I was 18 or so. Don't get me wrong, I take pride in my appearance, dress well and can be partial to the odd oggle ;) , but there are limits that you just don't cross.

As for the rozzers/coppers, I know too well that treating them with respect gets you further than having a go at them. My dad was one for 30 odd years and he gave me an insight of how to deal with them. I'm just glad to hear that the revellers aren't prosecuted...that would be out of order.

Got a tiltle for this book? Risky Beebness any good? :rolleyes:
Haven't really thought of a book title, it's just gotta be relevant. I kind of like "Life Unscripted" but I'm stealing this line from TLC, which is a US cable channel. Wonder if its copyrighted?
"Life Unscripted".........I like the sound of that. An excellent thought provoking title if ever there was one.