actually you wouldn´t laugh after a glance on his bank account anymore ;)

btw ... his partner (german guy, too) in the meantime is SONY´s executive vice president a+r international in london.
his feeling for (commercial) megasmashhits is unreal ... just to name a few where he is involved within the last years =>
axel f "crazy frog" ... milk+sugar "vaya con dios" ... gotye "somebody i used to know" ... bakermat "one day" ... klingande "jubel" ... stromae "alors un dance" ... milow "ayo technology" ... bob sinclar "goleo" ... israel kamakawiole "over the rainbow" ... etcpp


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I remember The Scumfrog. :cool:

It was such a novelty CD for me... I had seen many copies of it lurking about in the bargain bin at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, or Second Spin or I don't remember the other names of stores that would have had it.

I saw it and saw it and saw it, so I finally picked it up. :oops:

I don't remember what it was like. I didn't find it particularly memorable, and now I'm surprised! I didn't realize his popularity.