School uniforms?!


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Hey, wonderin if y'all could help me out... am debating whether to take my school uniform,nurses uniform and playboy bunny outfit? Is it only the superclubs that have theme nights or will the smaller clubs/bars have some?
Went in October last year, so most things were shut! going 25th August this year so planning to really go wild!

Let me know what u all think, Thanx,Love Amy xxx

P.S only 61 days 2 go!! xxx
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blondie said:
He he,naughty u,sounds like u'l have fun! xxx

Robo,wot do u mean any ideas? xxx

sorry blondie i didn't realise lisa posted before before me.

like a typical Brit in a queue hey!!! Push push push! Just give me an elbow out the way!!! :D

i sure will....a long with a few sighs, and some dirty looks..

So anyway Blondie, have you sorted yourself out as to whether you'll be taking our outfits?? I think go for it but only for the clubs, if your having a quiet drink one evening and a nice meal leave the nurses outfit in ya case!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Every Garlands party is themed though you don't necessarily need to bring stuff out with you. Our themes are on the lines of Pirates, Flowers & Flares, Hat Party, White Party, Porn Party, cowboys & indians etc...all of which you can pick up accessories for easily around the island. If you really do want to get some goos stuff La Cucana in Ibiza town has just about everything you'll need.
go for it, me and my mates have decided to dress uo as builders (something a bit diffrent).

will we be alright geting into the clubs with our hard hats on?
yeah I think u should take the lot :rolleyes: especially as i'm going to Ibiza on the 23rd of August for 2 weeks.....ahhhh 58 days to go :lol:
Take em !

Im taking my playboy bunny outfit , my naughty nurse an french maids outfit lol to wear if there r theme nights!
School uniforms was the theme in eden last year. Anything goes in Ibiza, no one gives a s**t. You will have a ball.

Roll on 19th-26th sep. :lol: :lol:
personally i don't see the point in wearing 'costumes' - it all seems a bit 'hen party' to me

but each to their own i suppose...