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Hi everyone,

I am looking at moving to Ibiza in the very near future with my Fiancé and two primary school age children. I would really appreciate some help and advice on applying for schools and where the best schools are. after reading many forums and speaking to many people already out there we have decided to put them in state school and hope they learn the language quick enough to survive the school years!
I have found it difficult on how to contact schools and also what the best way of contacting the schools are, email/phone etc.
Also does anyone know the school year times, when school starts and ends.

Any help or advice would be massively appreciated

Thanks in advance!!


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Your children should be fine learning the language, it's remarkable how quickly they will be conversing with other children in Spanish. The less English children in your preferred school the better for yours to learn Spanish quickly imho. We paid for a Spanish tutor for our two for a couple of years, mainly for Catalan, best money we ever spent, I would not put anyone off doing this.

As for making arrangements for school places, there really is no substitute for being here in person, it can be a frustrating journey but worth the pain. We arrived one September, our (then) 7yo boy was in school within two weeks. We had to wait until the January until a place was available for our 4yo girl. Since starting school, they have loved all their class tutors apart from one crazy mofo our daughter had for a year!

Good luck


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this is the quick answer you can't get a place till you have a address here rental or buy,, then you apply then you see what you get ,,you can't chose , there are not many spaces .

live close to the school you want

San Carlos
san mig
santa g have the best

or go private 12k a year !!

my boys in san mig