Savannah line-up ?


it will be which ever pre-party is being held there, and then the savannah residents for the rest of the night.
It really does depend on which pre-party it is, and which djs are playing at the main event later on in the night.
you are wrong robo!! :eek:

read this:

Savannah is planning a less superstar DJ driven series of entertainments this season, dropping major club pre-parties in preference for unique, self-contained, chilled and soulful musical happenings. For example STEVE MILLER/AFTERLIFE is going to put on a monthly event called THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE, enticing chilled chums of the likes of LENNY IBIZARRE, PHIL MISON and Coldcut’s MATT BLACK and the like out to play.
More chill thrills, as Radio One’s ROB DA BANK is also penned in for regular SUNDAY BEST events at SAVANNAH, with BOBBY & STEVE also seen weekly. Likewise MARK HILL (of Artful Dodger/Craig David etc fame) is likely to be seen there regularly, perhaps appearing with his numerous funky and soulful musical collaborators

here we have a picture of lenny ibizarre in action!! :lol:

savannah update!! :eek:

· the pre-parties of defected are at savannah on sundays!! :D

· i also found this: Thursdays @ Savannah. Every Thursday, chill out masters Sunday Best will lead punters through from Sunset and beyond with their inimitable brand of laid-back grooves and funky beats.

· every other monday: soundproof
· tuesday: soul heaven
· thursday: sunday best
· friday: empire
· sunday: defected

the last afterlife lounge monthly party will be on september 1st :!:

the last soundproof party will be on september 15th :!: