Saturday night??????


gorgeous hibby

We all fly out from Edinburgh on monday 26th August and have everything organised for every night of the week apart from Saturday.

Has anyone any advice :?: :?: :?:
Nothing that special on Saturdays

I would recomend taking it (slightly) easy and gearing yourself up for

Sundays @ Space

Dance the morning, afternoon, evening, and night away !!!!

It's by far the best club on the island..make sure you pop out to bora bora

beach sometime during the day ..absolutley wicked...

Whatever you do have a good one

I too fly out on the monday, where gona hit some nice cool bars in Ibiza town and take it easy for the big one on sunday! :evil:
Well it depends what music you're into really. If you like trance/house then head for Dave Pearce Euphoria at Eden, should be slightly commercial, slightly british but a good laugh! :eek:
I fly out from Edinburgh on the following Monday!

Saturday is a day of rest. Beach, Cafe Del Mar, Curry Club !
HA! Nothing on Satuday my foot!

DEF MIX @ Pacha is on Saturday night and was in my opinion, the best night on the island! Only for pure house fans though.

THe only problem is, it was soooo good, that I was mangled for Space on Sunday. oh well, can't win em all.
we'll be winging our way on monday as well, straight to del mar and then (don't boo) garage heaven at eden.

The only reason we're going is to collect guest passes for the rest of the week though honest!
Thanx guys! hope you all (thats if your going) have an amazing trip!
(excuse the pun!)