satoshi tomii?



forget the spellin....does anyone know if this guy is going to be in ibiza, I missed him last yr and I heard he was amazing.

the bloke
Satoshi Tommie.

playing defmix probably over the summer.

great dj

his nubreed cd was one of the best.
I heard him last year at Def Mix ~ Pacha along with Danny Howells and Hector Romero; Tommie was the best of the three.
thanks goin in sept so ur dates for june and july are useless... 8) jk, thanks for the help.

-the bloke
lol pachabloke

Def Mixs website seems to only be able to cope with looking forward 3 months at a time!

surely they have the whole season booked already..
...looks like laziness to me
i dont blame them cuz im the laziest either clubbin, sleepin, or on this forum

-the bloke
I have heard a few of Satoshi's sets and they are just wicked, definitely catch him if you have the chance!