Sat Nav?

I've used mine a few times, in this country and in Europe and USA/Canada and it was super useful, it is especially good when your driving on your own as I have a tendancy to look down and turn the map around and around when I'm driving so it better to have directions verbally instead! They do loose signal occasionally (when I was in the mountains in Canada) or don't recognise a new road layout but I've generally not had any huge problems.
I am in the market for one now...

If for nothing else but speed camera warnings, and getting them to do silly voices.
Considering you would expect the actual voice of KITT to be integral to this particular product, it's amazing how absolutely nothing like him the voice actually sounds.

- "Good Morning Michael. Where would you like to go today?"

- "Back to the store that I bought this piece of sh*t from. Pronto."

Even more amazing that they're claiming that it's the same guy from the series.

Whatever next? A BA Baracus sat-nav voiced by Joe Pasquale?
I had Ozzy Osbourn on mine back in UK, Turn right you fuc*i@g Cu*t etc ,,,,,, Here I do not care if I get lost.
Have a good one

REAL MEN read map, memorise it and proudly leave it at home.
Sat Navs are only good for long distance trips and even then they chat poo. I was once using a TOMTOM and its bold claim of "Please make a U Turn now and follow the road for 40,973 miles" almost had me going off road with laugter.

In town (smelly misty funky mingy old London) they are quite good for "Oh I can bust a move here and cut out the lights" but even then...they choose numpty routes.

Me...a map and me nappa sir!!!

Sat Navs...I laugh in the wake of their feeble attempts to address (wo)mans need for navigation.:p:p:p