sasha's birthday at space


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were only there for the last three hours on the terrace and it was absolutely mental. such good music, and great atmosphere.

digweed didn't turn up (at least not by 1.30 when we left) and sasha looked a bit the worse for wear ;) but he played a storming set. very different to the usual terrace house, it was sort of sasha house - with some great trance, groovy basslines and finished off with xpander / cowgirl - we loved that!!! haven't danced and shouted so much in ages (f.y.i. i wasn't shouting whoo-oo, whoo-oo :lol: )

great, great night.
i have to disagree... :(
im the biggest fan of sasha you can meet and im trying to be objetive:
i was there from 21:00 to 7:00 am (when they closed)

first of all... i have never seen SO MANY PEOPLE in the terrace, it was like the hell... sweeping, people steping you and kicking you while dancing...
second.. sasha was playing.. humm.. im sorry tosay this, but 'boring'... i felt like i was going to fall asleep in the middle of the terrace (but of course someone was steping me again to wake up)
third... sasha seemed... humm.. well... you understand me, 'tired' maybe, but i dont think so...
and thats maybe because he didnt play inside at 1 am as it was announcied in the flyers, posters and everywhere,,, maybe too much party in his birthday?
and digweed... god! how can a club like space put a big name, ask 50 euros to the people, and then the dj just isnt there? im lucky i didnt pay, if so, i would be very very angry.
more things: jimmy van m didnt play neither, they put rui da silva without announcing...
all those things, plus the angy acting of the space staff (always), makes me thing it was one of the worst sundays of the summer
but lucky me i was with people i love and i was still happy in the hell :)
just goes to show how beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

i thought he played such a good set. i didn't know one song he played (apart from xpander / cowgirl) and yet i was dancing all night - how often do you hear new music which makes you dance?

i mean i love erick morillo on the terrace, but i also recognise most of the songs he plays - its not bad, but different - sasha on the other hand didn't just play records one after the other, he played a set, really taking you up and down. that set and the one from dj vibe at cox' birthday were the best of the summer for me.

yes it was full - but when wasn't it full for those sort of parties?

i also think jimmy van m was inside from 10 pm onwards - or was that rui da silva? i couldn't really focus very well anyway.

i have to agree 100% about the cheek of digweed not turning up and sasha not even playing inside later????? can you confirm that - that's worth a definate complaint in our site.

p.s. i am also a dyed-in-the-wool sasha fan ;)
the flyer said that they were playing from 1 am, back to back in the main room.
i was in the main room from 00:00 to 7:00, and i just saw there rui da silva and jason bye (resident)
i imagine that in dance fm, they explained why those changes, but i wasnt able to listen to it...
if anyone knows the reason of this, i want to know it!
thanks for the new regarding to my post here, now i feel like a techno-reporter!!! woho! :p

btw... james and jamese.. were you those cyber-clubbers with lasers and glowing lights? :twisted:
I thought Sasha's set was good but not great (nowhere close to the magic of S&D last year at Space) Here's the tracks I trainspotted in his set:

Sasha - Wavy Gravy (Arksum (?) remix)
Dark Suite ft. Aura - Dark Sweet Piano (Dr Kucho Weekend Remix)
iio - Made At The End (Scumfrog remix)
Junkie XL - Breezer
King Unique - Sugarhigh
James Holden - Nothing
Main Element - Take Me Down
Junkie XL - Cowpander
Christophe D'Abuc vs Prodigy - Climbatise
Classified Project - Resurrection
Mara - Computer Beats
I spoke to one of those "cyber" ravers! They were from Israel, so I guess we can forgive them for looking so daft, seeing as the rave scene over there, is I believe, still in it's infancy (although feel free is anyone knows any better...). The guy made me put these mad specks on and then did this metal hand dance in front of me and it was pretty trippy! He was a very friendly guy and it was his first time to Ibiza.
Was very dissapointed about the Sasha/Digweed saga. I'm also a big fan of both guys and thought it was crap the did not play back to back. Rui Da Silva had the main room rocking though. Left at 3.30am so don't know who followed him. Sasha rocked the Terrace - my boyfriend was so anti-Sasha until he saw him at Space! Maybe because his style had changed for this set (more "terrace friendly). When I wanted to go into the main room at 11pm my boyfriend didn't want to go! I was at the very front next to Dj box, however was very pissed of that I had no room to dance because of the big bouncer who stood in front of me growling at people for about an hour - he really ruined my enjoyment, and also the people around me.
We went to Space at 1pm until 6pm, then left and came back at, leaving at 3.30am (pretty good, eh?)
you're wrong ;) , though perhaps the guys you've seen aren't very good representatives of israeli scene.

byebye, Alon.
Let me clarify a few things here...

Well until now i've been a 'silent reader' but after reading the last 2 posts above i had to give my 2 cents concerning this whole 'cyber' matter.

Those 'cyber ravers/clubbers' u people have been talking about are me and my 2 friends (yes yes!), and incase u think i'm blofing u, so here's a reminder of how we actually looked like:

I'm the guy on the right, and the person who SmokinBabe was refering to is the one of the left... rings a bell girly? :lol:

Now, there r a few things i didnt quite understand about your post here...
What did u mean when saying: "They were from Israel, so I guess we can forgive them for looking so daft, seeing as the rave scene over there, is I believe, still in it's infancy"
(and please dont literaly translate it for me, cause i know my english well, but i wanna know if there's some hidden meaning behind all of this...)

And about u, alonash - u were toatlly right - we do NOT represent the Israely scene and never attempted to do it. We simply do what we want, how we want it done... cyber style :twisted:
And if u r an Israely that lives here so drop by to say hi in clubs around our country... take care :D

P.S: SmokinBabe, u should visit the clubs we got here and then u'll realize that our scene is only falling from the one they got going in Ibiza. Though when u compare it to other cities, i dont think u'll find a city that has a better nightlife going on than Tel Aviv's. (and i've been almost all over the world to get the privilege to say that).
I remember you! You were in Cream aswell on the previous thursday!
You were climbing up the structures and even nearly climbed into the dj booth at the end when paul van dyk was on.

U r absolutely right my friend... those structures r one of my lifetime loves :eek:

Anyway, as if the proof (picture) above wasnt enough, here's yet another blurred picture of me dancing on those "structures" u r talking about, that thursday night on Cream @ Amnesia:

Or here's a more clear picture of me from that same night:

(I'm the one on the right)

Oh and speaking of which (Cream @ Amnesia), It was the best clubnights during my week of stay on the Island... Yes even better than this topic's issue - the party of Sundays @ Space :p
hehe fusion, now i believe you're israeli :D , you got the israeli wits (and little chutzpa ;) )
by the way, didn't want to offend anyone, just sticking up defending our local scene :p

byebye, Alon.
Fine by me :)

alonash - It's alright, I understood what u were trying to comply :D

Anyway, i take it that u know Hebrew, thus here's the review of my week in Ibiza, written in Hebrew ofcourse:
Cybers go large!

Enjoy reading bro :p

P.S: This review includes ALOT of pictures, so those who dont understand Hebrew can simply enjoy the pictures and get some Ibiza flashbacks... dont say i didnt warn u :!:
great review! you certainly had fun :eek:

also good idea about the posters, i should have thought about it myself back then..

byebye, Alon.
Oh dear! I'm sorry if I offended you guys from Israel! I guess I should really have an opinion of something if I have really experienced something for myself, eh? I got the bit about the rave scene being quite new from a magazine somewhere, although that could have been a few years ago now (or even about somewhere else!).

I also didn't mean to slag you of about the gear you had on - live and let live I say! It's just that the kind of club nights I go to hear in Glasgow don't have any cybers - some night do though. I have been raving since 1991 and we used to dress like that back in 1993 - 1996 at the big raves held near Edinburgh. Then a few years ago (1998) there was a whole surge of new kind of clubbers came out in the North of England inparticular who called themselves "Cyber-Kids" and us older guys though been there done that! Thats not to say we thought ill of them....

It's good when I see people dressed madly when I go out - it adds to the fun and the vibe.

I feel really bad about my comments - I should maybe read up on things before I open my big fat mouth! I have actully heard that Tel-Aviv is one of the latest clubbing hotspots especially the trance scene (correct me if Im wrong again!).

I don't think you took my comments the wrong way but if I offended you then I'm sorry!

Maybe see you guys in the future - you're certainly not hard to miss!

Keep The Faith! :lol:
Fine by me :)

First of all - i wasnt that hurt, just a little offended, but now after reading your reply i can see u r a good soul and didnt mean any harm :D

Secondly, thanks for the kind words about ourselve in particular and about the scene we got going in Tel-Aviv in general.

Thirdly, i heard and know all about those "Cyber-Kids" u refered to, and i also know they kinda belong in the mid 90's or 2-3 years later, Yet we do NOT have any connection to them whatsoever or r trying to immitate any of them. Furthermore - we may look at times like them, but only clothswise, not gearwise... meaning - they hardly ever came with a "gear" that comes close to what we carry with us :eek:

And last but certainlly not least - hopefully we may catch eachother some day to pick up where we (u and my friend) left off :eek:
You can find me in Ibiza next year, probably on the same dates as i was this year... 8)