Sasha or the "No show DJ" does it again!!

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EXCLUSIVE: The superstar jock explains why he missed the We Love Sundays opening party on June 22.

"I just wanted to write a message to everyone to say how sorry I am about missing my set at Space Ibiza on Sunday, and explain what happened.

"Space was the last of my 3 gigs for the weekend, so the plan was to head back to the hotel after I played Fabric, sleep for a while, and then set-off for Ibiza around 1.30pm.

"Unfortunately the previous 2 night gigs really took it out of me (Sankeys finished at 6am, and Fabric at 8am) and despite numerous attempts to wake me, I slept through all the calls and didn’t wake up until 4pm.

"Normally I’d still have plenty of time to re-schedule my flights and get to the gig, but when we tried on Sunday I was told that there were no more flights out of the UK that day.

"I’m genuinely sorry to have let people down, and especially to everyone who made the trip out to Ibiza specially to hear me play. Obviously we’re making every attempt to re-schedule the date and will keep you posted on this."

My comment: that's just a lot of crap, if I mismanage my agenda because I want to earn lots of money working 3 days in a row and as a result my boss or customer isn't satisfied, I will be sacked or lose my client. So please, dear superstar DJ, grow up and become a bit more professional please. But at the end of the day, I think they will pay the price for this attitude, I mean imagine you're a promotor, would you dare to book him, knowing there's almost a 50% change he won't show up?
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