Santa Eulalia vs Barca b team live on the net in an hour


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not that i use p2p sites to watch illegal broadcasts of copyrighted football matches of course but i happen to stumble across this:

Its on the local IB3 free tv so i guess theorectically is maybe possibly legal to watch ;)

sorry, all the local posters and adverts have it as tomorrow (31st)

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some pics - it ended up 1-0 to pena... barca had the first half but deportivo dominated the second

everyone on the bar terrace got soaked at half time by the corner flag sprinkler being set wrong and then the bar ran out of beer - but it was good fun




the ball in the back of the net:


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yep - 5 minutes into half time and the bar ran out of beer

cue the great and not so good of santa eulalia etc (businessmen, the mayor etc) looking puzzled - the bar staff also had to apologise about the agua sin gas being warm.... oops
i watched some today on the ned. have to say the standard looked abysmal, but then i am judging it by my own abilities. ;)

there were at least two *hoof* "haaaaaave it!" moments in the 10 mins i watched.:D