sander klienberf



does anyone know how good this guy is ,an what sort of house music he spins.he's headlinging defmix at pacha the second sat night of my hols and id really love 2 know some info before hitting the club.thanks.
one of the best if you like that sort of thing - chunky, deep house sliding into progressive and moving up into slow paced tech-house and even psy trance - he is the business.

i saw him at the opening of everybody at pinup on thursday. unfortunately he was only djing to 20 people when we got there :eek:

by the time we left 2 hours later at about 11 pm it had picked up to about 40 people and the first bodies were grooving on the dance floor (only the very top level of the terrace was open). the music was gorgeous - more downtempo and deeper (even soulful) than i've heard him inside space, but no one was there. i felt like going up and consoling him ;-) - but he stayed and played like a true professional.

i am going to be there most thursdays i can tell you. it was actually really cool to hang around and chat with mates whilst sander k dj'ed - best background music i have ever heard ;-)

watch out for this night - imo in august it will be one of the true underground successes
not whilst i was there - sander probably told him to go home ;-) he wasn't needed ;-)

he might well have played later inside, but i wasn't there for that