Sander Kleinenberg


Bling Bling

Is anyone able to tell me who/what this is @ Pin-Up??

and, if so is it recommened.......

I know it is ages away, but just luv planning/thinking about my final week in Sept. Obviously going to closing parties at Pacha and Space, and was wondering if Privilage closing party was worth considering? Anyone go last year??

Anyone got any other recommendations for the final week of the season?

Many thx
Sander is great as a producer and as a DJ!

He plays progressive stuff. Has done a lot of remixes for Madonna, Justin Timberlake, U2, etc...
Prog House probably. Not my cup of tea but he's very popular.

I'm surprised he's playing Pin-Up actually.
He plays the housier side of prog house.
But, in longer sets (as his 7-8-hour marathons in MTL, CANADA), as any good DJ, he plays a variety of music: prog trance, prog house, house, tribal, breaks, etc. He is definitly stirring now towards using many acappellas and having a housy sound. And he is technically superb (for a prog DJ).

One of his latest remixes "Freaks like me" by Spork (quality track!) was actually done in honour of some Montreal/Toronto partiers (at Stereo) to whom the original had become a classic/club anthem.