Sander K at Pinup?!?!



Hello, I will be arriving in Ibiza on Sept. 11, and I'm planning on going to the Sander show. Anyone have an reviews or know any details (cost, how long he places, etc.)?? This is the only night I'm not for sure on, the rest of the week looks wicked:

12/9: chill out bars, sunset strip, west end
13/9: Defmix @ Pacha
14/9: Sunday @ space w/ Tyrant!!!
15/9: DC10 and Manumission

Less than a month to go!!!!!!!!

All I know is that I just saw Sander at Arc in NYC this past saturday night and i was thoroughly impressed! have caught him before but this was the best i've seen him.. so just based on that, i'd take advantage of seeing him at Pinup! :D
I was wanting to go to Sander K when i was there (Low End Specialist as the guest) but with Robbie Rivera on the Wed and Lawler on the Fri it was just no viable to do :(