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God is playing a 6 hour set @ Turnmills in London on 23rd Of November. This just happens to be the weekend the misus and I are visiting the big smoke!!!! Whoooppeee dooooo

We are deffo going, if any 1 wants to meet up or anythin, would be good to see some of u folks.

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im sure it will be great but please, be warned. we went to his last gig at trunmills a month or so back and it was RAMMED, a bit too rammed if you ask me. he was awsome though but dancing was a bit tricky at times
Thanks for the info Rusty, better get the tickets booked!! If we missed out the misus would chop my nuts off!

Does spoil it a tad when there's no room to "let go", but we will give it a go!
rustywoo said:
im sure it will be great but please, be warned. we went to his last gig at trunmills a month or so back and it was RAMMED, a bit too rammed if you ask me. he was awsome though but dancing was a bit tricky at times

That's why I don't bother with it. The only good time I had there was Tom Stephan's set in room 2. Everyone else was in the other room, so there was space to dance.

Every other time has been totally spoilt. Apart from the fact that the rooms are 'dead-ends', so there's an endless stream of people walking into a room, right through the dancefloor, and then back out again. It can take a good 5 minutes just to get to the toilet (which is only about 60 seconds from anywhere in there)!!!

Don't get me wrong. The music is great, and I realise that overcrowding is a 'central London' problem. But if I was to go back, it would be to something low key, with DJs I donl't expect to attract the tag-alongs. Having said that, I always seem to underestimate the appeal of some DJs.

I'm not sure if there is an issue with Turnmills capacity. Either it is too high, or not stuck to!

But, despite this, Turnmills has a fundamental flaw. It's not designed as a club. It is also a restaurant and that is it's problem. There is more space given to seating than dancing. If they took the chairs and tables out of room 2 it would help, but I think they nneed to decide what they are. If they are a nightclub (and a successful one) they need to shut the place and redesign it.

On another point, water is expensive at £2.20 a bottle. Although you get 500mls, this is conveniently (?) provided in a bottle not large enough to fit under the tap without crushing the bottle. Coincidence?

The last time I went, it was incredibly hot. They need to sort that air-conditioning out!

So, if you are going, here's my advice.

Get there early and get your spot on the dancefloor. Towards the edges, near the walls would be best to avoid feeling like a doorway.

Otherwise, go to Fabric (just around the corner).

There's space, cool and a great soundsystem. I know it might seem that I am a little biased towards Fabric, but it is, quite simply, the best club around with a name like it has. Because, they don't overfill it (usually).

On the 23rd it's:

Terry Francis
Craig Richards
Elliot Eastwick
Miles Holloway

Haywire Sessions' RGC Recs Tour:
Andrew Weatherall
Radioactive Man (Live)
Matt Carter
Rick Hopkins

Bill Brewster
Nick Name
Care In The Community

So plenty of options for all.

Not sure about a meet. I'm up for it, and would love to meet you, but I am:

a) trying to take a break
b) a little uncertain about work as I finish on 30/11/02 and haven't got anything else lined up yet.

But perhaps the urge will overtake nearer the time.
Hiya James

I did go to the Castle for the London meet but didn't see any of you guys. I confess to being a bit on the late side though. If you are finally swayed to the Sanchez night then I may see you then.
We stayed 'til closing.

I thought you'd ring as you never asked what we looked like.

I think, unfortunately, that Sanchez will attract lots of people, so I'll stay out of the crusher.

Unfortunately I think my brain cells had left me on that night. You probably saw me, I was at the bar with a lad, blonde hair, white jumper.

Thanks 4 the feedback. We have already booked tickets for Roger on 23rd.

It was pure coincidence, we r in London that weekend, the only one we could both get work wise, and saw that god was playing @ Turnmills, misus would kill me if we didn't go (she want's to rape him!).


would be good to see ya if ur up 4 it, as I say, we have already got the tickets, and will deffo be there. Shame that the place gets so rammed, but I'm sure I will be able to clear a bit of dancefloor somehow ;)

We will be there early doors I imagine, I wouldn't mind going on for a bit of rough stuff @ Brixton after, ne1 interested??

will check out the board u say, it's cool that a dj can spend thee time to speak with his paying public.

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Weluvibiza:- I saw your post on the Sman's site.

He's confirmed unofficially on the site that Trade will not open on the Sunday morning at Turnmills therefore Sanchez is probably going to play longer than the advertised 5 o'clock.

There's a few people from the release yourself site who are also going. R u still thinking of meeting up somewhere?
I'm not sure whether it is official but it looks that way. I know a few people who used to go and they said that it has been going downhill for a while now.

That sounds brilliant, just read on the site about the extended set, yehhaa.

We are hopefully meeting with some peeps we met on the terrace @ Pacha (Mon 2nd Sep.), it would be great to meet up b4 hand. We are unfamiliar with the lie of the land in the big smoke, so guidance is appreciatedd!!

I will PM you with mobile number, you could return yours, and take it from there. We can't wait, and works is draggin on as a conseqence!!!

Count down begins......

Be Happy :D