San Rafael, Villa.

Colin Jammin

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Hi, looking at booking a Villa for 12 people in San Rafael, I know it's inland, but it's not 'too' far away from everything is it ?

Are you kidding? ..... its smack bang next to Privilege and Amnesia. Also L'Elephant a very s****y eatery if ever there was one, also Underground a superb place that once you get into you will forget the big clubs. Lordy the list goes on. Youre in Eivissa harbour in about 7 mins or san antonio same the other way and easy fior viists to coasts in all directions (i'd suggest south and north). If is got a good pool its ideal. You lucky lucky people - can I come?

hey I didnt put s****y, I meant celubrous and posh -- see if you can work out the innocent letters that got the chop! Spotlight -- you're all just too PC for words.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, DAMN !!!

I've only gone and booked this villa now instead

The only reason I went for this one was because I had a few people who are not really into Ibiza that much and wanted to be near the West End.

Although this one looks quite quiet and situated away from all the madness of San An.

Can anyone shed any light on this villa ?

I suppose, the same site do rent villas in San Rafael, so I could always change it, looking for some Ibiza experts to show me the way.

Many thanks in advance.
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