san mateo wine festival


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the village hosts its famous 'wine' festival this saturday 13th dec. they're expecting 6 or 7000 visitors!

you forgot to mention that the reason why its so famous is because everybody can try all the different wines for free and get very drunk!! :lol: :eek:

the only problem is that its a night time open air event and some years it has been a very cold night!! :rolleyes:

see you in san mateo!!
well done mackie - you're obviously too young to remember that it had to be postponed for a week 3 years ago because the weather was so bad!
taken from the ibiza sun:

Over 800 litres of wine was enjoyed by around 4000 people who attended the local wine tasting & drinking festival this weekend in Sant Mateu. Over 20 different local wine producers donated wine for the festivities & there was over 600 kilos of pork used to make local spicy sausage & other snacks to help the local wine go down better. The festival also incorporated performances by local folklore & music groups which were well received as the party went on well into the night with nobody seeming to notice the cold winter air. The wine festival in Sant Mateu is becoming ever more popular every year & was even advertised on the Balearic Governments web site this time.
and its time for the wine festival again!! :p

El pueblo de Sant Mateu celebra mañana su fiesta anual para promocionar el vino payés

Sant Mateu | P. R.

La Asociación de Vecinos de Sant Mateu ha organizado para mañana sábado a partir de las 18 horas, una nueva edición de la fiesta del vino payés, una celebración que ha hecho popular a esta población en toda la isla.
Los actos se desarrollarán, como cada año, en el polideportivo de la localidad, donde se espera que se podrán volver a hacer hogueras en las que se pueda asar la sobrasada y butifarra, a la vez que calentar la noche, mientras se degustan las diferentes producciones familiares de vino payés.
Los vecinos hicieron una matanza desde hace dos semanas y esperan que para mañana haya dejado de llover y el día esté despejado. «Ya son muchos días de lluvia, para el sábado tienen que haber terminado», señaló ayer el presidente de la asociación de vecinos, Antoni Serra.
La bodega Sa Cova, siempre presente en la fiesta del vino payés, aprovecha los días 11 y 12 para hacer una jornada de puertas abiertas y ofrecer degustaciones gratuitas de sus caldos. El horario de visita será de 10 a 13 horas y de 16 a 18, los dos días.

which translated to english means that erm, there will be hundreds of drunk people tomorrow in san mateo!! :lol:

Wine Festival.
The 4th annual wine festival took place in Sant Mateu this week. Over 600 residents gathered in the village to try this years "vino pages" (local wine) provided free by the local wine growers. There was a fantastic atmosphere as the wine flowed & the local home made sausages were cooked on open fires & then eaten with "gusto" on home made bread. A brilliant mixture of typical rock & folk music was provided by "Aires Formenterencs" which kept the wine tasting going well into the night.

(the ibiza sun)