San Antonio's health and safety controls: Amnesia, Privilege and Es Paradis fined

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Areas that have to remain closed:
  • The ‘warehouse’ 293 square metres
  • The dressing room 119 square metres
  • The lifting platform.
  • The upper floor ‘Crazy Coco’ Room
  • The upper floor pyramid room (we assume Vista)
  • The ‘warehouse 2’ 69 square metres
  • The ‘exhibition hall’
  • The balcony attached to the Safari Bar
  • The uncovered terraces of the Pagoda area
Not fully confirmed that it's the Vista Room but it probably is. This was being used for parties for years and the authorities only now caught wind of it??

Was looking forward to the Sept 3rd resistance date specifically for the terrace lineup so hopefully it gets sorted


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Is there a floorplan of privilege anywhere? I can't even visualise where most of those spaces are
that's mainly because a) a lot of the places mentioned aren't accessible for public and b) they aren't called like that publicly neither.